Garden Planner Google Spreadsheet

$7.50 USD

Easily organize and keep track of your gardening chores!

This Garden Planner will help you to plan the garden of your dreams, stay on top of all your garden needs and gain a better view of the care each individual plant requires.

⚠️ This digital file is only available as a Google Sheet, not an Excel Sheet. Please do not download it as Excel as this will affect its formatting. If you prefer the Excel version of this planner, please visit this listing instead

This is a Google spreadsheet with the following capabilities:
☆ Gardening Expenses & Budget - Track your gardening expenses here. Enter your planned cost and when you make a purchase, enter the actual amount on the Actual Cost column. This will indicate if you have gone over/under your budget.
☆ Garden Layout - Plot, plan and organize the layouts of your garden, flowerbeds - from companion plants, to drainage systems. Comprehensively catalogue your garden.
☆ Inventory - This is where you can keep track of your key gardening inventories so that you know when and what SKU for replenishment - from seeds to fertilizers & repellants.
☆ Gardening Calendar - Keep a garden journal to keep track of tasks completed and tasks planned from one week to another. Harvest calendar for Fruits and Vegetables.
☆ Seasonal Checklist - This worksheet shows the list of to-dos, sorted by seasons. Add or edit any line items if you wish. If you've completed a to-do, check it.
☆ Garden Ideas & Wishlists - This is where you can enter in ideas and take notes of your gardening wishlists
☆ Gardening Problems - This is where you can keep track of your key gardening issues, from Pests to Soil Amendments.
☆ Gardening Diary Logs - This is where you can keep track of your seeding, transplanting, cutting and harvesting logs.

⚠️ After your purchase, you can download your digital file through a link emailed to you. You will receive a PDF with instructions and links to the Google spreadsheets.

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