What's the Funniest Way to Start a Wedding Speech?

Wedding speeches are a pivotal part of most wedding celebrations, combining humor, heartfelt sentiment, and personal stories. Starting off on a humorous note can not only capture the attention of your audience but also set a lively and enjoyable tone for the rest of your speech. Based on interviews with our wedding customers, here are some hilarious ways they kicked off their wedding speeches:

Classic Humor to Break the Ice

  1. Toast the Bar Staff: One of our customers began their best man speech by asking everyone to stand and toast to "some really important people whom you will all meet throughout the evening. Without them, none of this would be possible." Then, they toasted the bar staff, which was a hit and set a light-hearted tone for the rest of the speech.

  2. Mistaken Identity: Leveraging personal similarities can create a humorous start. A customer who was a twin joked, "I’m not the groom but I do appreciate at least four people who have congratulated me so far. Also, if you gave me an envelope, I’m keeping it."

  3. Faux Paus Beginnings: Starting with a play on words, such as "Fornication... cough, excuse me, For an occasion such as this," can catch the audience off-guard and elicit a good laugh.

Leveraging Personal or Cultural References

  1. Cultural Jokes: Integrating cultural or personal references that resonate with the couple or the wedding attendees can add a unique touch. One customer began with a line from a famous movie that was well-loved by the couple, adding a personal and entertaining element to their speech.

  2. Role Reversal: Acknowledging your role in a humorous way can also connect well. As one customer put it, "Today, I've been promoted from the best friend to the best man - I hope it comes with a raise!"

Modern Twists on Traditional Starts

  1. Using Technology: Pretending to read from an overly technical or formal set of notes on your phone, then switching to a heartfelt anecdote about the couple can play well, especially with younger crowds.

  2. Interactive Introductions: Engaging the audience right from the start can also be effective. One customer started with a question that prompted an interactive response, energizing the guests and making them feel part of the celebration.

A Word of Caution

While humor is a fantastic icebreaker, it's essential to know your audience and ensure that the jokes are appropriate and in good taste. Avoid topics that could be offensive or overly personal, and always aim to keep the couple and their special day in the spotlight.


Starting a wedding speech with humor not only relaxes the speaker but also entertains and engages the audience, making the moment memorable for everyone involved. The key is to balance humor with sincerity to ensure that your speech adds to the joy of the occasion.

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