How to Start Planning Your Wedding Before Setting a Date


Congratulations on deciding to get married! Even without a set date, there’s plenty you can organize now to ease your load later. Whether you’re dreaming of a simple, small, outdoor wedding, there are numerous tasks you can tackle well in advance.

Key Points to Start With

  1. Research and Inspiration Gathering

    • Begin by browsing through wedding blogs, Pinterest, and bridal magazines to collect ideas that align with your vision of a simple outdoor ceremony. This can help you refine your style and theme early on.
    • Jot down what appeals to you: color schemes, decoration styles, attire, and more. This will guide your decisions later.
  2. Preliminary Budget Planning

    • Use a wedding spreadsheet to start outlining your budget. Identify major cost areas such as venue, catering, attire, and entertainment. This early financial outline will help you set realistic expectations and save accordingly.
    • Manjasheets offers a comprehensive wedding spreadsheet planner that can help manage your budget efficiently.
  3. Guest List Drafting

    • Start drafting a tentative guest list. Knowing the number of guests will influence many of your later choices, such as the venue size and catering needs. You might adjust this list several times, but having a starting point is crucial.
  4. Venue Research

    • While you can't book a venue without a date, you can certainly start researching. Look for venues that match your desired style and guest capacity. Make a list of potential venues to visit once you've set your date.
  5. Vendor Research

    • Start looking into photographers, caterers, florists, and other vendors. Check their portfolios and reviews to understand their style and quality. Make preliminary contacts or create a shortlist to revisit when your date is confirmed.
  6. Wedding Attire

    • Begin exploring ideas for your wedding attire. Whether you dream of a traditional gown or something more unique, early research can help you find the perfect look without rush.


Planning a wedding without a fixed date might seem challenging, but it offers the advantage of time to refine your vision without pressure. By tackling these initial planning stages, you’re setting yourself up for a smoother, more organized wedding planning experience later on.


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