Stock and Crypto Portfolio Tracker

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DIY Portfolio Template that automatically updates your stocks and crypto investments across multiple trading accounts and currencies. Track and manage them all in one place.

Own stock and crypto investments across different trading platforms and want a combined view of your portfolio? Save time and effort with this easy-to-use investment portfolio tracker!

This is a Google Sheets with the following capabilities for investment tracking:
☆ Automatically generate informative visuals about your Net Worth, P&L, and Investment flows.
☆ Insights on all your investments in one place, including stock and cryptocurrencies and up to 5 currencies of your choice (e.g., USD, SGD, EUR, GBP, HKD).
☆ Diversify, rebalance your portfolio periodically based on real-time data. Latest stocks and crypto prices are updated automatically.
☆ Benchmark portfolio performance year over year against the S&P 500.
☆ Understand drivers behind your Profits & Losses and make informed investing decisions.
☆ Set monthly investment goals and understand your buying / selling patterns.

⚠️ This digital file is only available as a Google Sheet, not an Excel Sheet. Please do not download it as Excel as this will affect its functionalities.

⚠️ After your purchase, you can download your digital file through a link emailed to you. You will receive a PDF with instructions and links to the Google spreadsheets.

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