To Do List, Monthly Planner, Weekly Planner Google Sheets

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This Google Sheets template is designed to help you live a more productive, healthy life! Use this to plan and manage your week's to dos, and keep track of your healthy habits.

This is a Google Sheets spreadsheet with the following capabilities:

☆ Monthly Planner to write down your to do list, goals and calendar events happening throughout the month. Fill it up like how you would fill up a calendar

☆ Weekly Planner to plan daily schedule of events. There is one tab for each week (e.g., Week 1, Week 2) of the month

☆ Daily To Do List and Gratitude Journal to keep track of key tasks and things to be grateful every day of the week

☆ Weekly Task Tracker for key habits and their % progress throughout the week. Keep yourself accountable!

☆ Health Tracker for your health and fitness goals and their % progress throughout the week.

⚠️ This Monthly Planner Template is only available as a Google Sheet, not an Excel Sheet. Please do not download it as Excel as this will affect its formatting. If you prefer the Excel version of this planner, please message me to customize this.

You will receive a PDF with instructions and links to the Google spreadsheets.

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