Co-investment Rental Property Investment Spreadsheet

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Buying rental investment property with partners? Need to do due diligence?

This Google spreadsheet is designed to facilitate the evaluation of investing in a single, residential property with the flexibility of modelling for joint investing with others.

⚠️ This digital file is only available as a Google Sheet, not an Excel Sheet. Please do not download it as Excel as this will affect its functionalities.

This is a Google Sheet with the following capabilities to evaluate the profit potential of your real estate investment:

☆ Calculate project ROI, NPV, annual cash flows like a pro

☆ Accounting of year by year rental property cash flows to understand your ‘true’ profit

☆ Supports co-investments made by multiple partners, incl. investor-level breakdown of profits and cash flows to be split

☆ Includes a debt amortization schedule and calculator

Rental property analyzer comes with 7 types of Tabs:

1. Enter project level assumptions (cells in yellow) in the model to help you evaluate your single rental property investment. The worksheet is pre-filled with a sample investment deal for your reference.

2. If you are co-investing with multiple partners, fill up their names, % investment share, and indicate whether or not there is an investor who acts as a manager with a 'promoted interest' (i.e., 'sweat equity'). If you are the sole investor, mark their % investment share as 0%.

3. Review Deal Summary: this worksheet shows the investment results of your deal. Return figures are shown both with and without leverage (debt).

4. Review Graphs: these worksheets contains graphics to help you visualize how your investment will look like given your current set of assumptions. These are broken down by Investment Level (what the figures and returns look like at the project level) and Investor Level (what the figures and returns look like for each individual investor).

5. Review Annual P&L to see the annual profit and losses at the investment level, including investor-by-investor view of net cash flows.

6. Review Monthly P&L: this worksheet calculates the monthly profits and losses at the investment level

7. Amortization Calc: this worksheet calculates the amortization schedule for the debt assumed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be good with Google Sheets to use this?

Not at all! This spreadsheet is super easy to use and only requires basic spreadsheet skills. Several parts of the spreadsheet are automated and require minimal inputs. There is also instructions on every tab to help you fill out the spreadsheet. If you require any further assistance, our friendly team is always here to help!

What format is the Investment Spreadsheet?

The Investment Spreadsheet comes as a Google Sheets file. Unfortunately, we don't support an Excel version at the moment. Stay tuned!

Does the Investment Spreadsheet work on both  Mac and PC computers?

Yes, the Investment Spreadsheet Google Sheets will work on any computer through your internet browser. As everything is automatically saved in Google Drive, you can access the same file across devices.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the Investment Spreadsheet, all sales are final and non-refundable unless there are direct issues with the functionality of the spreadsheet.

If you have questions on if this Investment Spreadsheet is the right fit for you, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can!